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Gary Roberts brings his personal experience to this one-of-a-kind program. A philosophy built from a strong foundation, a team of experts and a hugely successful 23-year career in the National Hockey League. From these incredible disciplines arise improved focus, clarity and health. The program enables each unique individual to reach their full potential while excelling in their daily activities as well as living a happier more fulfilled life.

GRHPC Peter Bailey – A Year Later

The Executive Training Program, Nutrition & Professional Coaching

    • A customized nutrition and lifestyle consultation with Gary Roberts

      Gary Training

    • An initial evaluation to determine strengths & weaknesses as well as to establish a baseline training level
    • A customized training program developed and directed by Gary Roberts
    • Re-evaluations throughout the year to track progress and continue development
    • Private One-on-one training sessions with pro trainers in the Gary Roberts High Performance Facility, home to NHL athletes in the off-season.
    • Full Length Executive Locker
    • Laundry service provided after each workout
    • 2 detailed car washes per month
    • Biosteel supplements & bottled water during and after each workout
    • A take-away program for body maintenance when travelling
    • Customized nutritional information package including meal planning, recipes and a structured nutrition and training logbook.
    • Daily Organic post-workout Gary Roberts high performance meal powered by Beretta Farms

Gary Roberts HPT Executive Program Feat. by Canadian Real Estate Wealth

Gary Roberts HPT Executive Program Feature by Wealth Professional TV

A Premium Fitness Institute Membership:

The program includes a membership at the Fitness Institute which is a full service executive level health club encompassing close to 40,000 square feet of space plus tennis courts. This world-class club includes a restaurant, a pool, expansive locker rooms and wet areas including steam rooms and whirlpools, a sports physiotherapy and chiropractic clinic and of course full cardio, dedicated Pilates studio and private personal training studio, free weight and group fitness areas.

Gary with Executive Client

The goal of the Gary Roberts Executive Program is to embrace positive changes and a healthier more holistic lifestyle incorporating physical fitness, nutrition and life balance. We recommend one-hour workouts 2 or 3 times per week. Packages are sold depending on the individual’s unique needs.

 For more information or to register for the Executive Program please contact:

Jeremie Dupont at 647-228-2882 or at jdupont@fitnessinstitute.com

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